Saturday, October 3, 2009

My first pumpkin pie!

OK, OK, so I've made pumpkin pies before - but they were always just eh.  Sometimes they didn't set.  Sometimes they tasted like mush.  But they always started w/ a can of pumpkin.  But today at the farmer's market they had the cutest little pumpkins, and that's when I began plotting their murder, roasting, and pieing. 

I chopped the little bugger open to find about 30 odd seeds.  Are you kidding me?  I roasted them up anyway as the pumpkin was cooking - BF had never had them before because his family is not Halloweeny.  I thought they were delicious, but he was not as enthused. The pie was a different story - he gobbled down the first piece and went back for another (with ice cream.  Ah, to be a boy...).

And yes, I realize this is the ugliest pie every made.  My crust was a little warmer then I would have liked when I rolled it out, but it was getting late and I was ready to be done with it all.  And in the goopy rush,  I didn't get it pushed all the way to the top, and I thoroughly underestimated the amount of room needed for all that filling.  But eh, who cares?  I call this one a delicious success regardless. 

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