Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eddie Munny

Is Eddie a horrible name? I'm taking other suggestions...

This is my first mini-munny.  The BF brought him back from his trip to Phoenix, and I was just in love. How did he know that a pink dolly I could dress up would be a perfect gift? I'm sure it's not the years of living together.

I really wanted to paint him up like the crazy talented munny artist, but I have committment issues. Instead, I used a little glitter and glue in case I wanted to scrub him clean and start again, but mostly, because I like glitter.

And of course he needed a crochet hat (from Lion Brand Sockease scraps) and a little sweater (from leftover Paton Silk Bamboo). I'm still working on making him a small crochet hook. I forsee some chopstick refashioning in my future.

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