Monday, November 16, 2009

How many pizza's can one family eat?

So, although there are only two of us, I refuse to halve Mark Bittman's pizza dough recipe despite knowing it makes tons and tons of dough.  I mean, enough for four freaking pizzas. 

And although I have rolled a million pizzas before, they still look like they were made with a Salvador Dali brand cookie cutter set.  I  know Martha says to turn the dough after each roll, but once you get to pizza size, that is so annoying.  Plus, I still don't have a pizza peel or any non-flammable pizza transportation unit, so usely drape it over my arms and mishape it even more. 

There's another pizza that has two ears like a puppy, but I am entirely too embarrassed to post it.  I mean, what if Martha is watching? 

OK, time to watch Lie to Me and drift into a cheese-induced coma.  The BF suggested we have milkshakes later - where are we going to put them?

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