Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

A long, long time ago, before Al Gore invented the internet, little kids were forced to watch all their videos on this thing called "television."  And if you were lucky enough to live in Western PA, you got to watch three stop-motion videos during commercial breaks at Christmas time.  But behold, YouTube was born, and now I can watch them again and pretend I'm just a little dumpling looking forward to an Easy Bake Oven under the Christmas tree.

And one recent memory - this is the Soulja Boy Snowman. I am blessed to know this guy, and now I share the blessing with you.


Danimal said...

This is such an awesome blog!

Jenny said...

Your sarcasm is appreciated :) For a second, Danimal, I thought Stretch had written a comment on my blog while driving to Stillwater. You guys have to share a brain and a nickname?

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