Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Success and Failure

I can't say, so far, whether my life is a success or a failure, but I know what my craft life has been so far.  Let me illustrate:

This is an example of failure for a number of reasons.  1. It's blurry.  2. It's in my bathroom. 3. I'm falling out of the picture, and not in a cool "Rule of Thirds" sort of way 4. I spent 3 days on that cowl that is now a ball of yarn.  Oh, there are tears, and there are a lot of them.  It just looked so stupid.  Ugh.
OK, and now for some success? I have to say I contribute any crochet success to my new Addi Turbo crochet hook.  Did I know that there were Addi's beyond knitting needles?  No.  Am I overjoyed with my one (!) F hook?  Hell yeah! Don't you doubt I'll have a full set soon. 
Check out putting that F-er (hee hee) to good use on this little turtle baby I've named Hardrock. 

He is blurry, but I love him so and I always will. 

Sadly, I had to put down the F hook and use an inferior D (no ergonomic handle?  What am I - a barbarian?) and crochet up a little scarflet.  This is from a ball of Paton FX, which is just the coolest yarn.  And check out those buttons - they're from a $14 bag of "vintage" (read: clearance) buttons I bought at the local craft mall.  I couldn't resist because they were all still on the card.  

Yes, I used my birthday gift certificate to buy a styrofoam head.  How could I not?

That's enough for one night.  Now I need to succeed at sleeping. 

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