Monday, February 8, 2010

Bite my shiny, metal...

As Valentine's Day approaches, all I hear is "my guy doesn't like anything I crochet for him" or "my guy doesn't like anything I sew for him" or "my guy doesn't like anything I cook for him." 

The last one is easiest to fix, by the way: it's called "take-out." 

But the other two aren't that hard either. It all depends on what you make.  For example, BF cannot stop squealing (seriously) over the Bender I crocheted for him thanks to this pattern by Soph Viklund (Ravelery members - check out the army of robots here).

BF and I disagreed how the visor should look, so instead of sewing it to the head, I just made the eyballs a little bigger and the visor a little smaller so tension would hold it on.  Don't ask me by how much because that all depends on what hook & yarn you're using.  Just experiment a little - it's fun. 

Bender with anger eyes (BF's favorite)

Bender with other eyes (my favorite)

To welcome Bender to our little home, I crocheted him up a cigar and a beer (guinness-inspired colors) thanks to this pattern from kimberblog!.  Well, here's how I found him this morning - with a still lit cigar!  Tisk, tisk Bender.   


D & E said...

My man would like one too. But he would oh & aw even more if he tied one on with the champagne of beer.

You are too cool for school. Good thing schools are canceled here. Indefinately.

Jenny said...

But Denis doesn't like presents! Thanks for the compliments. How can they cancel school indefinitely? When I was their age...blah blah blah...uphill both ways...blah blah blah.

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