Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caught banana-handed

I just finished a little crochet banana using a pattern from Amigurumi Paradise. Its for my soon-to-be-here nephew, Liam (remember when babies were named after they were born?) to match the monkey hat I finished last month. 

I put the banana in a plastic bag and snuck it and a camera to the local grocery store for a quick pic among the "real bananas."  I tried to be covert because there was a stockman on the other side filling in some bare spots.

I made two mistakes:
  1. I left the flash on, which said "hey everyone, look at me!  I'm doing something questionable in the store!"
  2. I left the memory card at home.  The camera was quite angry about this and started beeping. Effect?  See above. 

So, no picture and the banana man came over to check things out.  I grabbed my little fake and  a bunch of reals and scurried off.  This pic is from my kitchen counter, where weird stunts are expected. 


D & E said...

I love your picture! Love, love, love! What filter did you use?

Jenny said...

Thanks E! I don't have Photoshop on my laptop (BF used licenses for his computers - ugh!) so I used the soft focus filter on Picasa. I really like it - you just choose what the subject of your shot is and it focuses around that. Great for dummies like me :)

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