Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wrong Holiday

Although there are some awesome groundhog crafts I could make, I don't think Phil, who has doomed us all to more winter, deserves it. 

Nope, I'm going back to Christmas. 

This 4 inch tall tree was requested by the BF's boss for a friend that collects Christmas trees...even in February?  I took the picture just before the storm hit.  I've been meaning to take some pictures in the snow, but it's too cold out there, and I'm a wimp.  Please don't hold that against me. 

The pattern is improvised - It's a thin cone shape (just 2 increases per row), but at random points I did 3 sc in the front loop, and on the next row, I just did one sc in the back loop. It makes for some cute little fluffs, eh?  The cranberries are just felted balls.  For the popcorn, I rolled 3 felt balls (1 larger than the other 2), stopping just before they were dry.  Then I dipped them together into the hot water and rolled them until they were dry.  A little tedious, but I can't imagine crocheting something that small.   

Next - reindeer?

PS: OK, OK - I have to honor Groundhog Day just a little.  And I agree, this groundhog must be stopped.

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