Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby knitting and bad memories

Is there anything more pointless than knitting clothes for babies?  There's no way to anticipate their measurements, and unlike blankets, you can expect to see them using it maybe once or twice. 

But knitted baby clothes are so cute!
I knitted up this hoodie a few years ago out of lush alpaca cotton...and I was so proud of myself.  I happily delivered my masterpiece and prepared for the accolades.  Immediately that baby's momma proclaimed her kiddo "would probably be allergic to it" and the hoodie was never seen again.   If you happen to be drinking a 40 right now, please pour a little out for that lost sweater homie.

That still-annoying-to-this-day experience hasn't stopped me knitting for young 'uns, but it has taught me a few lessons. 

For one, I don't knit for that kiddo anymore. 

Also, I've moved on to pants, made from the easy, almost seamless Aubrey Doodlepants pattern

And, instead of shilling out for alpaca, I used a cheap ($2.47) self-patterning Impeccable yarn.  No one is allergic to acrylic (although some people claim to be) and bonus - it's super washable. 

I also got mom's blessing on the pattern and the yarn patterning before I started.  I cannot stress the importance of this step! 

Hopefully this one will actually make it onto the baby, but even if it doesn't, at least I only spent a couple bucks.  Now I have enough left to buy another 40. 


D & E said...

My Baby's got no pants! He's so upset he's taking his shirt off. Do you want him to be naked?

I hope not.

JB said...

That would probably make him happier, but of course not. You get some measurements for me, and well talk.

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