Friday, March 19, 2010

Dirt Ball

I must admit, my baby is dirty. He likes to eat dirt. He likes to play in dirt. And most of all, he likes to kick around in dirt. And not only that, he also likes throw all things dirty.

And what is dirtier than toddler milk? Uck, nothing.

So after 14 months of rear-facing car seats. Papa removed said car seat to give the boy a better view.

Oh, the view. The view of 14 months of crackers, pretzels, grilled cheeses & dried milk. I couldn't ignore it anymore, so I went to Target. For $20 we could have purchased an Eddie Bauer seat cover. But, Mama don't buy much for $20.

So we came home, put the baby down for a nap. Pulled out some 5-year-old corduroy that I bought on sale in Johnstown. Beautiful stuff. Brown cord with old cars & trucks. For the backing I used the only bath towel that wasn't in the sleeping baby's closet. Cut them up. Sewed on a pocket. Vacuumed the car. And there we go.

The pictures are horrible, but just know that I am in love.

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