Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who Stole My Monkey?

This is actually the second crochet sock monkey I've done. The first was literally shat upon this week by it's otherwise loving recipient, E's baby boy Zaney. It's not his fault - he's had a bad reaction to some meds.

Because the BF suggested it, I wrote up a rough pattern to follow next time. During a call to me mum today, I told her I was working on a surprise pattern, and I wanted her to crochet it up as a test. I wanted to keep it a surprise, though, so she wouldn't just work through any gaps in the pattern because she knew what the final product should be. So I called it "that thing" during the whole conversation... until it was time to hang up and I said: "Well, gotta finish that monkey so I can send you the pattern. Talk to you later." Oops!

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