Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Craft Walk

With an FO under my belt, it was time for more acquisition.  I decided to do some wondering around my new hometown yesterday, and despite getting lost and the offer of a ride from some super creepy dude, it was fun.   Especially because I found a funky quilt shop with some deluxe fabric.  Quilt shops are a weird destination for me because...I don't quilt.  But for $8.95, I had to have a yard of this happiness.   I'm thinking pillows, or maybe just carrying it around at all times like a security blanket. 
Tired and regretting the choice of flip flops for this multi-mile walking adventure, I found a resale shop whose sales benefitted the local Habitat for Humanity.  I generously donated $.27 (I forgot thrift stores had tax) for a record titled "Pistol Packin Mama" - indeed.  I ran home to tear apart the ugly, plain, hand-me-down plastic clock that once resided above my stove.  Stretch did a little destruction and reconstruction and viola:  it's time to rock!

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