Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Craft Glut

I just bought the fabric yesterday and posted pics of it today, but it's already pillows.

Today the boyfriend asked me to hover while he worked on a project, just in case my Adobe skills would come in handy.  He doesn't realize he knows more than I do - I just am willing to keep trying until something works.   Hopefully this is enough for him to keep me around for a while. 

Anyway, hovering is way boring, so to keep myself occupied, I cut up the fabric and sewed up some pillows using forms I bought on clearance long ago when a local craft store was going out of business.  They are so soft and cute. 

As of five minutes ago, I also finished up a couple christmas presents for my sister. OK, they're not for her, they're for her to give away.  But she asked, and so, she shall receive.  (In case you're curious, the purple scarf for her mother-in-law is one of my favorite stitch patterns worked in Patons Silk Bamboo, the heart scarf for a 1-year-old friend of the family is made from this Bella Dia pattern and sewn together with invisible thread, and the matching toddler hat is this pattern I found on Ravelry and have no been able to find since.)

It's like a little family portrait, isn't it?  So cute, and more importantly, so done!

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