Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sack Suki

Although JB had a crafty West Virginian summer, I got very little crafting accomplished. Actually, I did a bit of de-crafting.

After a nasty baby-related incident, I had to put Zander's Monkey through the wash. Unfortunately, he jumped from the sanitize cycle much worse for wear. Of course, Zander still loves him!

But today, after a lovely hike around a moss-green lake, the babe took a 2 hour nap, the hub was out building a garage and I pulled out my sewing machine. JB sacrificed her sleep the night before she left WV & stitched up a stupendous sack for herself. I loved it so much, she left it behind. The best purse ever has been pathetically hanging on the basement door ever since she left, waiting for a liner. Because Queen Brown forbid me from carrying it until it had a liner.

Today, it got a liner.

I believe JB found the crochet pattern @ the Future Girl Craft Blog,
And I definitely found the liner pattern there. I used to hate pattern sewing, and to a certain extend I like to think I still do. But with time limits & baby-induced insomnia, patterns are the best thing that ever happened to me!
The fabric came from JB's private stash. I can only dream of finding fabric this fine on the clearance rack!

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