Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friends in Need

Facebook is evil - I'm not going to dispute that.  But don't all of us appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with some of the people from our childhood - you know, the ones that didn't call you "Duck Girl" or .

Well, I found one friend from my hometown who is currently going through a seperation with two little kiddos in tow.  Poor thing.  I thought, she needs something handmade.  Is a monkey the most appropriate gift?  No.  Is it what I sent?  Yes.

Here's the ugly little thing.  I'm holding out hope that she likes it!

BTW, E - what an absolutely beautiful liner!  This is a remnant from my kitchen curtain - yes, I like bold curtains.  For anyone crushing on that fabric, it's Amy Butler that I bought in a quilt shop in Sand Springs, OK.  What a find, eh? 

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