Monday, September 7, 2009

It's official - I'm starting a Facebook Charity Project

Poor Amanda had all her towels stolen from her apartment's laundry.  I felt bad and made her a towel with her name on it - OK, I didn't make the towel, I just added the name.  But won't that be embarassing for the little robber next time?  Can't you just see him with a stocking over his head, toweling off with this girlie "Amanda" towel?  Hopefully he doesn't look too closely at the stitching - this was my first try at such a thing, and it was so-so.

So who is Amanda?  Another facebook friend.  And so it's on: The official: the "Facebook Charity Project" begings. I learned about Amanda's predicament through her facebook status, same way I found out about another friend's separation from her husband (look below for the resulting monkey present).  It just seems like the perfect way to determine who gets presents.

Wanna join in?  Feel free to tag your Flickr photos "facebookcharity" so we can see what you're doing.  But don't feel pressured or anything - I'll still do it regardless. 

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