Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cake Excuses

Oy vey - as is usual w/ a J&E project, this blog is being sorely neglected.  But I have excuses, like, hold on, I'll think of one.  Oh yeah - I'm crocheting samples for a local company that sells to sorority girls.  I didn't even know companies like that existed, but I am ever so thankful for the opportunity.  What are these samples of?  Sorry - who takes pictures of things before they sell them and turn them over?  Huh?  Everyone?  Oh well, I forgot. 
In between stitches, I'm making many, many soups.  Even though it's still in the 70s here, there's something in my Northerner DNA that says October is for soup.  I'm also watching way too much TV and saw that the Office wedding will be next Thursday.  BF said I could make a wedding cake and we could eat it during the show.  Really, I will look for any excuse to eat cake. 

Speaking of, this weekend is the Sugar Arts Show in Tulsa, OK.  When I was younger, I would watch the specials on TV and dream of the day I could go.  It has so been worth a  few close-up sightings of Kerry Vincent and her magnificent headband.  Maybe I'll get some ideas for next week's cake. 

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