Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Facebook Charity Project returns with a "steering wheel cover kit"

Another facebook request from my cousin who needed a pink steering wheel cover and thought the best way to communicate that to me was commenting on my facebook status.  Thanks social media!

I found a pattern at using my best friend, Ravelry.  Because we live in seperate states, I researched her wheel width, realized it was similar to that of the BF's car, and knitted a strip that, if worse came to worse, would fit BF's wheel (I can just see him cruising around in his mid-life-crisis-mobile with a pretty pink cover).  I mailed it off with enough yarn to sew it to the wheel (I almost sent a needle, but imagined a variety of injuries that could result from that).  And look what she did - see, I'm inspiring others to craft!

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