Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where has all the sunshine gone?

Little Hats and Scarves
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To start - E, you are a stupendous cook! I love, love, LOVE apple crisp, and yours looked delicious. And I miss your jam ever so - do you think that stuff will ship? I'm probably going to whip up some applesauce tomorrow. Do you think it goes with halushki?

It's been so darn cold here...I already turned on the heat. Of course, I do this only when Stretch is asleep because there is some unspoken man code that icicles must be forming somewhere in the house before the official start of heating season. Thank goodness I crocheted blankets this summer! E's sister, knowing that snow was just around the corner, asked me to make scarves for her two little dumplings and in utero dumpling. I found the "Olivia's Butterfly" pattern using Ravelry, my lord and savior, and used different hook sizes in hopes they'd fit three very different sized noggins. I fully expect to get them back, ready for alternations, but no worries.

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D & E said...

The munchkins got their package today & they love their goodies! Although, I think you forgot who their father is when you picked the hat sizes:)

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