Friday, November 20, 2009


This is my second monkey for E.  But there was something wrong - I just couldn't stand the head.  Too small, too wobbly, too much pink.  Since the body was knit top down and the head was sewed on, there was no way to save the body without severing the head.  And so, I considered the unthinkable.

But don't worry - I had already added Ms. Monkey to the transplant list.  Right quick a new, disproportional  head was knitted up and attached.  The patient is resting comfortably on a ball of yarn.  You can see the color is already returning to her lips. 

However, I have more bad news.  Maybe Ms. Monkey was feeling a little too cocky, what with that new big head and all.  Maybe in her weakened state was was easily convinced by Mr. Monkey and Little Monkey (our house mascot) to take on the Munny. All I know is whoever instigated, someone forgot Munny has a (matching!) bat.  Oy vey!

And that, children, is Friday night at my house. 

1 comment:

D & E said...

So, which one belongs to Zander? WhateverMonkey you send, she'll have to have a good immune system to make it in WV (read: our poopy crib).

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