Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jenny's got a gun

Before you get scared, it's just a cookie gun.  I've wanted one ever since the first time I had my first spritz cookie with some very sweet and milky tea.  Ah, youth.  I feel like my mom told me these were hard to make, or my inner-pessimist did (they sound identical!)  Anyway, $10 at Target and I was equipped to make the cookies of my childhood. 

There were a few missteps (did you know you're supposed to make a tube of dough and just set it in there, not cram it tight with the back of a spoon?  Also, if you don't have the plunger knob facing the right direction, it will shut your cookie factory down?).  Amazing how much faster things went after we read the directions.  BF was in charge of sprinkles because I had developed quite a trigger finger and refused to surrender my weapon.  There are many like it, but this one is mine. 

And look, not too shabby eh?  They were just now cool enough to package up.  One container is for friends who are just lucky enough to see us tomorrow.  The others are off to a special someone who has no proper oven for baking.  I think she'll be glad it wasn't too hard.

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