Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last one, I swear

This, children, is my last calorimetry for a while.  Even though E said she needs two more with some "slight" tweaks. I guess headbands are the new monkey? 

My mom hits the Flickr pool every once in a while and thought E's headband was a "sweater" - a pretty scandalous one, I suppose, but she swears it looked huge because of the crop.   Hopefully this one throws her off as well.  She wanted black to match her coat.  I tried to tell her that if you have a black coat, you should have a crazy headband, but what do I know?  I try to wear as many colors as possible on any given day. I did throw in a vintage button, though, because it added a color (ooh!  cream!)

E, your Brooklyn trip is cracking me up!  You are, as always, the queen of deals and deserve the mantra WWED.  Of course you owe me nothing for the monkeys - just seeing that little dumpling cuddled up is all I need.  Gosh, how did you make such a super cute baby? 

1 comment:

D & E said...

Because I married such a super cute man! Duh.

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