Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favorite Holiday is Garbage Day

Back in the povertous (pre-bed bug) AmeriCorps days, JB & I inherited a mattress. It had a few previous owners before we had our way with it. We left our mark, by way of our names in black Sharpie, before we passed it on to a Hippie's uncle. I remember thinking how cool it was that one mattress had so many lives before it would ultimately meet it's landfill fate.

Although that wasn't the start of our craft, I think it was the start of our love affair with crafty-repurposing.

Lately I've put a little more emphasis on the reusing/repurposing than the crafting. Someday the babe will find the sewing machine pedal less intriguing & I'll switch back, but until then, WWED.
We spent Thanksgiving eating beans, caviar & cutletta and chugging wine in Brooklyn'd with the fam. (And dreaming about JB's Turduckin.)

Of course, the babe didn't want to take part in the late-night (9pm) debauchery, but he was all too willing to wake the whole building pre-dawn. In an attempt to let the world sleep, we spent a lot of time strolling the ethnically fresh-off-the-boat Russian neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay.

The first day I spotted a pile of desirables in a fenced "yard," down the block. The second day I mentioned to my MIL what a great pile of trash that was. And on the third day, while my Russian was driving us to the grocery store I shrieked with delight, which my Russian interpreted as "we're about to die." It was a JB, bridge, highway, hat-over-eyes kind of moment.

Anyway, the pile had been moved out onto Whitehall street. It would be mine. I stole the keys from the man & left him @ the grocery & drove back to the "scene of the crime" (thanks Arlo). Made a right on red and threw the flashers on in front of a hydrant. Then proceeded to drag my Black Friday treasures toward my little Toyota Prius "Micro Bus." Not even close.
So I called my MIL in hopes that she would send papa up the block to carry it back to the apartment. No luck. So I headed back to the grocery for the help of the hubby; well, for the hubby. The man loves the booty, but is embarrassed by the mission. Anyway, he dropped me off at the pile, and pointed out (hiding in the drivers seat) some additional treasures that I had missed.
Did I mention that the NYC Sanitation truck turned down the street while we were scoping out our prize? Well, they did.

So I took the Little Tikes Castle under one arm and my new Graco Baby Swing under the other & walked back to the apartment.
(Notice the silver spray paint on the "just off the street" picture? Well, D scrubbed all the paint, washed the potting soil off & drilled some drainage holes. I'd say he made up for sending me to carry it home:).
We did manage to fit a First Years Double Easel in the trunk.

Oh, happy day!

And did I tell you how I spent Cyper Monday? Pulling two The First Years Gates out of another garbage pile! D & I ordered 2 of these gates last month from Walmart (Ugh) for a total of $112; unfortunately, we threw the boxes away last week:(.

Moral of the story? "You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant. 'Cepting Alice."What kind of Thanksgiving would it be without a little Trash Talk.

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