Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who counts calories when there's a monkey on your back?

Well Brownie, since you asked... I absolutely LOVE my new calorimeter ear muffs. They've added to my homeless hippie look, so I'm pretty sure the Wheeling Junior League won't be calling anytime soon. Of course, that's not entirely due to my spiffy new do-rag.

The cranky babe loves it too; which is great, cause it's taken some of his attention off of my oh-so-vulnerable glasses.

Baby Boris is also in love with his new, improved & poop-free sock monkey.

I was thinking of cutting the head off of the original, dryer-deformed monkey & sending it back to you. But I guess that would be mean:).

Don't worry, I'll pay you for all these lovelies, and the present monkey. The check is in the mail...

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