Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Covet thy neighbor's book tours

This is link heavy, picture light.  My camera still thinks that turning on, opening the shutter, and flashing are optional activities, and since no awesome camera deals were found on Black Friday, I'm learning to live without. 

Right now there is so much covetous, I don't know what to do with myself.  First, I found out that Susan B. Anderson will be doing a book signing at Tulsa's best LYS.  It's where I took my only knitting class - felt like a total loser the entire time.  The teacher was great, but we were supposed to bring scrap yarn, and I brought - perish the thought - sugar 'n cream.  And I brought all my knitting needles - secured with a rubberband - and they were all metal! (E, I know this means nothing to you, but go with me). Knitters seem to be big into the spendy, but I like my grandma's hand-me-downs just fine, thanks.  Unfortunately, my grandma didn't have double-pointed needles, so my super awesome Crystal Palace dpns are necessary, right? (Looking for this link, I saw that Crystal Palace has crochet hooks?  Damn it.  Now I have to go hide my wallet.)

I'm so sad, because SBA's new book looks deluxe, but I'm ever so broke and don't think I can afford a) gas b) buying the book c) the yarn binge that will surely follow.  Ugh.  I am learning the hard way that making things and saying "just pay me when you get a chance" is sort of like saying "No worries - I love ramen!" Suck.

But - in happy free news - I learned about this event from  I'd like to say, for legal and personal reasons, that Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood has never given me any kickbacks to talk about her podcast.  But how can I not be attracted to a show run by a former journalist named Jennifer who quit her job to do craft full time.  Do you think there's any chance she would hire me to do some Oklahoma investigative reporting?  She is such a sweet mix of reporter and craft lover - I just can't help loving her podcast.

Other coveting - LBY's new Amazing yarn.  I keep calling it Awesome in my mind, which I think they probably considered.  The colors are so great for the price.  Please, yarn gods, hear my prayer - carry this stuff at Hobby Lobby so I can get a 40% discount!

Oy, it's babble city here.  Hey E, why don't you chime in about why you don't like your calorimetry?

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