Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 25th birthday.  What?  You've done the math and realize I'm a lot older?  No, you must be mistaken.  I am 25 again, I mean, for the first time.  Oh darn,  I absolutely suck at lying. 

I have two birthday traditions:

1. I always give at least one other person a present.  This year it was another Starling bag for Alyssa.  It was black/purple/and lilac with an awesome flowered lining.  You'd like to see a picture?  Sorry, even though I should have documented my first lining experience, I completely forgot until it was out the door.  A was so happy with it, she bought us beer and pizza.  Yippee!

2. I always buy myself a present.  Having a birthday around Thanksgiving means you'll often get lost in the shuffle, so I make sure I get at least one gift a year by buying it myself.  I got this awesome spoon ring for $10 (?!?!) at the local craft mall (more on that later), and of course I needed Craft, Inc., at least to get the dreaming under control.  The picture sucks, but forgive me, tis my birthday. 

Now, time to celebrate with some Frulis!

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