Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 'ings: Week of January 17

For a while now, you could find a little snapshot of what we were up to for the coming week in the sidebar.  Unfortunately that means every week, we lose what we were into the week before.  Hopefully posting it here will keep us from repeating ourselves and also give you an opportunity to see everything we are/were/will be into just by following the "5ings" tag.  And maybe it will help serve as an alibi in any upcoming court cases ("No officer, I didn't rob that store of all their International you can see from my blog, I'm not even into that this week.")

The History of God (E)
Tosh.0 (JB)

Listening to
Playing for Change (E)
Knitpod Episode 23 (JB)

When Fear Turns Graphic - NYT (E)
Making a Great Blog - on sale this week! (JB)

Frozen Pizza with broccoli, crumbles & fake chicken (E)
Cheapo Chili and cornbread -recipe on the way (JB)

Shiner Hefeweizen (E)
Sierra Nevada Torpedo - again! (JB)

my husband work (E)
Felt cranberries (JB)
(And if you have an 'ing you want to suggest, leave us a comment or drop an email to

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