Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three Little Holes

Ugh, my favorite hoodie, which I've had for years upon years (E -didn't you try to steal it?), developed three tiny little holes.  I thought, I'm crafty, I can fix this.  I remembered seeing a tutorial on fixing this very thing, but instead of looking it up...I just started cutting. 

My brain kept saying "measure twice, cut once."  But three cuts later (two free-hand hearts and one stenciled star) I have this little beauty.  And I had the good sense to look up the tutorial by the insanely awesome Sister Diane at the also awesome Craft Stylish.  The BF is modeling here - can you tell he's happy from the way his shoulder are hunched (maybe he realized the star is crooked)?  But you also get a shot of the awesome Home Sweet Home sign E made for me the first time I moved to Oklahoma. 

Also this week, I bought 50 skeins of yarn for $42. My defense - it is my favorite yarn and it was on clearance, and I had a coupon, and...shoot, that's all I can think of.   I'm so excited to jump into it!

And last, but not at all least, finished another Calorimetry.  Yes, I said the previous one was the last one, but that was before the loving postal service lost it!  Ugh!  It's probably a soaking wet ball of wool now stuck between late letters to Santa.  Tear!   

This one is Rowan Wool Cotton (leftovers from gloves for BF and Leanna's sweater) and has little pink vintage buttons.  I'm almost glad me mum is getting this one, because I like it so much more than the black one.  Maybe I'll keep it a little while, just to prevent the Postal Service from losing it.  Yeah, that's a good reason.

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