Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Man's Baby

Technically, the baby belongs to a totally different family. I can't take credit for everything, no matter have adorable it turns out!

I bought the fabric for a fleece loopy ball & blanket and a summer swaddling blanket last fall off the JoAnn Fabric's clearance rack. I made a bucket-full of loopies last year while I was prego, and since my babe loves 'em, they all should!

After a last minute dinner invite @ the expecting couple's house last Saturday, I couldn't put the crafting off any longer. So while my Russian busied himself with Netflix, I cut, pinned & sewed the babe's nap away.

I was super-happy with the colorful blanket. So happy I figured I'd iron the loops & the seams. Something I never do. And that I will never do again. Someone should put a label on that fleece, letting sleep-deprived Mamas know that it burns. Easily. Cause it does. Errr.

But, anyway everything was a big hit. Especially the monkey JB stitched up for the baby girl.

If only the motivation will keep rollin'. I dreamt up an awesome glass-etching baby bank idea last night...

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