Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 'ings: Week of January 24

This week we're going to do a combined list - and two days late.  I guess the most depressing day of the year really got to us!

Wednesday's Oprah: Food 101 with Michael Pollan

Listening to
Mother Popcorn - James Brown  - Not only because it's an awesome song or because "Brown" is a cool last name, but it's also related to an upcoming project. 

Sew Liberated Blog - how can we resist cute sewing and cute babies?
Gardner's Peanut Brittle  -the best ever!

Diet Coke and Orange Vodka - better than you would expect

Marvin the Paranoid Robot - movie, not tv, version

Have a great week, all!
(If you have an 'ing you want to suggest, leave us a comment or drop an email to craftsuki-at-gmail.com.)

1 comment:

D & E said...

Sorry. But honestly, I've done, listened, ate & thought of nothing this week not related to puking family, birthday cake or clearance presents...Oh & the internet was not my friend...

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