Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have $10? Then you have chili!

Isn't it so hard these days to make a proper warm, delicious, and healthy(ish) dinner that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?  This is a take on the bean soup I've reciped here earlier, but it needs no spices (other than a little salt and pepper, if you have it) or expensive ingredients.  All the heat comes from those inexpensive little chipoltes.  Yum and yum. 

What, you don't believe me that it's $10?  You're right; it was $10.15. 
$.78    Can Black Beans
$.82    Can Kidney Beans
$1.24  Large Can Tomatoes
$1.86  2 Green Peppers
$1.59 1/2 lb mushrooms (and yes, it is cheaper to buy loose cremini instead of packaged button)
$.40 2 small onions (from a 3lb bag of 12 - the cheapest way to buy onions)
$1.18 small can chipotles in adobo
$2.28 block of cheddar cheese (or buy less at the deli case)

In a large pot, saute the chopped onions, peppers, and mushrooms in just a touch of whatever fat you have on hand (if you have a nonstick pot, cooking spray is probably enough - otherwise use a few teaspoons of olive oil, vegetable oil, or butter).   Dump in the tomatoes and beans when the veggies are cooked through.  Chop the chipotles and put in as many as you think you can stand - and don't forget the juice (aka adobo).  I put in all but two chiles and probably a teaspoon of adobo (I saved that for veggie burgers).  But please, if you haven't used them before, taste as you go.  And if you add too many, go buy another can of tomatoes or add a can of beer or stock.  Now turn the heat to low and simmer at least 30 minutes or until you are hungry. 

The smoky, spicy flavor can't be beat, and all you'll need is a few grind of pepper and sprinkles of salt to make it perfecto.   

Oh yeah, and some shredded cheese.  And probably a cup of iced tea - did I mention it's spicy?


Got one more buck and want to feed more folks?
  • Serve your chili over cooked macaroni or spaghetti
  • Stir in some cooked rice after everything has been added 
  • Bake some cornbread - if you have regular baking supplies, just grab a canister of cornmeal is a dollar, or you can buy a Jiffy Cornbread Mix for way less than that.   
I think I'll go have some now. 


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