Monday, February 1, 2010

5 'ings: Week of February 1

We're also HOPING that groundhog doesn't let us down again this year. Come on, Phil, I'm sick of snow!

Frontline: The Persuaders (E)
Important Things with Demetri Martin (JB)

Listening to
the cat eating Prozac (E)
CraftyPod #108: A Podcast About Free (JB)

The Web Way to Learn a Language (E)
The Tortured Artist Myth (JB)


Vocelli's Pizza - again (E)
Domino's Pizza - they deliver, and although their new pizza isn't as awesome as they proclaim, it is cheaper and more tasty (JB)

Crane Lake Merlot, 2007 (E)
Water - all we have until the car starts or it's warm enough to walk to the grocery store (JB)

A fleece carseat blanket for the babe
Maybe Bender? (JB)

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