Monday, February 1, 2010

Mama Tried

"My mama tried to raise me better, her pleading I denied..." OK, she wore me down.

Years ago (living in Louisiana, while the hub was away on "business") I made my mama a little pink change purse. Those were the days. Home alone with a box of wine and a portable sewing machine. And my love, the Hobby Lobby just up College Drive. But I digress.

When I was home for Christmas, my mama put on a big smile & told me how every time she opened her purse & saw that bright, happy change purse, she thought of me & smiled. I'm not sure the smile is directly related to the thought of me, or married to the money hidden inside...

She talked about how it was lined with a satiny white material with a delicate, soft feel; she didn't mention the shiny round coins clinking below the zipper though...

I'm pretty sure my mother doesn't need another zipper purse, but she asked for one anyway. No matter the size, she said, whatever size zipper I have in stock will be fine. With such a vague request, I'd bet granny's trying to motivate my craft a little more than house her pennies.

But, I aim to please. I had a 22 inch zipper, but I didn't think my mama had a purse big enough for that much change, so luckily, I found a repurposed 1o inch-ish jean zipper.

And I had a little bit of pretty brown/pink clearance fabric left over from the swaddling blanket I made for Baby Green.
And Voila. Happy Granny.

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