Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 'ings: Week of February 7

 UP: as a matter of fact, I added all of the Oscar Nominees to the Netflix que (E) 
 The Sarah Silverman Program (JB)

 Raffi: Everything Grows (E)
 TBTL: Too Beautiful to Live (JB)

 Wired, In Praise of Obscurity by Clive Thompson (E)
 1960's Fashion Print - freshly checked out from my local library (JB)

 Box of Franzia Burgundy - not a big fan, but it was cheaper than our usual jug (E)
 Smithwicks (JB)

 Baby wear his Who Dat shirt for the Super Bowl (E)
 Definitely more reindeer (JB)

1 comment:

D & E said...

I should have finished watching UP before anouncing that I was watching it... Not sure why it was nominated...

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