Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Dat?

Who Dat? Who Dat? Who Dat say de gonna beat dem Saints?

Superbowl prep has begun. Hastened by some Mardi Gras Mambo & the surprise purchase of plane tickets back home for... that's right, Mardi Gras!
There must be a direct link between Louisiana and my craft thumb. Or maybe it is my need to create a new costume for each last minute adventure.

Do you remember the pre-protest craft fest, JB? That one got us on the front of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!

Anyway, pulled out the contact paper last night & cut out Zander's new Fleur de lis.

And this morning Iwashed & dried Z's latest hand-me-down grey T-shirt.
Got out the acrylic paint & paint medium. Mixed it up 2-1. Dabbed it on.
And, Who Dat? I couldnt wait for the babes to wake up from his nap to snap his picture in his new Super Bowl get-up... maybe tomorrow!
If only the husband had remembered to print the awesome & free diaper bag pattern on Amber Dusick's blog... I'd have something new for the trip too! Maybe next week...


D & E said...

Just got off the phone with JB, she so kindly reminded me to iron & wash the boy's Who Dat? before stretching it on. Thanks JB.

Jenny said...

I'm glad I remembered. I love this shirt - so cute and no longer forbidden by NFL copyrights. And you must, must, must make that diaper bag - it's perfect for ya.

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