Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movers & Sleepers

So, does rearranging furniture count as crafting, or just a strenuous past time? Although Baby Zander had the perfect nursery, which he didn't sleep in for the first few months of his life, he needed change.

I mean, he's one. A toddler. And it's winter. In Wild & Wonderful West Virginia. This requires some homemade excitement. Which for Mama, means moving furniture.

I guess the impetus for change was the installation of a new (well, a post-consumer NYC sidewalk) baby gate at the top of the stairs. Now the babe has free reign of the second floor. And his cute little nursery was no longer just going to be a place for early morning pooping and late night pleading.

So we moved JB & Stretch's bed over to Zander's nursery and brought the crib & rocker over to JB's more spacious East Coast Craft Command. Now only our visitors will be wakened by the midnight howlers & greeted by the neighbor's Wild & Wonderful poop piles... Forget that last part. Our new guest room is so inviting & color coordinated, you'll sleep like a baby!

Alexander loves it! He loves his new closet so much, and his cat even more, that he decided to lock the cat in the closet. Technically, Zander just closed the closet door. But since the doorknob is broken and the cat was inside, I had to call for technical support... It's probably a bad idea to have broken door knobs in the baby's room. I'll have to put the engineer to work on that...

Well, I can hear the babe waking up happy from his morning nap, so I guess he likes it too!
So, JB, when ya coming to visit? Can I suggest you come before the spring thaw or bring some insense?

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Jenny said...

OMG - how cute is he sitting in that chair? I want to visit him right now! The room looks nice, too, btw.

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