Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Yesterday I left sunny Oklahoma (which was just on the cusp of spring) for Pennsylvania.  I sat in front of a toddler I named "kicky" and behind another I affectionatly deemed "littler bawler."  And besides the constant ear popping, it was a perfectly fine flight.  Until I saw this out the window. 

I haven't seen that much snow since...hmmm...I can't remember.  All that frost inspired me to crochet a hat mid-flight with the Amazing yarn and G hook I got past security.  Luckily I had pinned this cute little skully to my carry-on - it made for a good improvised stitch marker.  I think I might leave it on the final hat. 

When I finally landed and unpacked everything, I found one of those friendly "You're neon pink bag looked suspicious so we rifled through it then crushed everything inside so it would close again" tags.  I'm sure they got a kick when they saw bags and bags of yarn.


D & E said...

So close, yet so far away. I hear Somerset is having a blizzard this weekend. Good times. You might want to knit yourself some warmer clothes.

JB said...

I know - I wish we could have met-up yesterday, but hopefully we will next weekend :) I need your strong arms to help move tables for the shower! That storm needs to stay in Somerset - I'm already too cold!

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