Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello, Dolly!

Hanging out in PA is super fun...if you're a snowman.  Last night I went to bed wearing flannel pants, a sweatshirt, and socks.  I woke up thinking - this is the end - I'm going to freeze to death on an airmattress.

Why am I so darn cold?  Reason 1 is that I didn't follow the BF's suggestion to put a cover on the airmattress before sleeping on it (yes, sleeping on air-filled plastic is as cold as you would imagine).  Reason 2 is that this is the view from my bedroom window.

Quaint? Yes.  Cozy? No.
When I got to the kitchen, I saw somebody else staring out at the white and drifted snow.

It was Becky!  A friend from my college newspaper days.

I of course used a pattern - ha, just kidding.  Her legs are full of PVC pellets so she'll stand up on her own,  and I used safety eyes as arm joints so the arms will move. 

In case you're wondering what Becky looks like for real, here's a little peek.

I know, cuter in person than out of yarn. 


D & E said...

Awesome idea for the arm joints!

Rebecca said...

ahhhh!!!! Its so darn cute!!! You are the best j-brown!

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