Friday, February 26, 2010

A Seat at the Table

On the first bright sunny day in Wild & Wintry West Virginia since... well, since... a while, we decided to take full advantage & head to Ikea in Pittsburgh to buy the little man his own little table & chair.

Great success. But, well, it was awfully white.

So, after 3 snow days to consider my options, I decided to save some paint, use up a few fabric scraps & make a seat cushion. You noticed I didn't say cushionS? Yeah, with a $12 price tag, I didn't figure the baby could sit on two chairs at once... so I just bought one. I mean, one chair before I saw the cute little, and even more expensive Rattan chair on the top Ikea rack. So, technically, the kid has 2 chairs, they just don't match...

So, when the baby finally took his first nap of the week, I quickly pulled out the sewing machine & got to work.

I used some full-price white cotton fabric that I bought last summer with JB @ JoAnn Fabrics for the purpose of curtain-making-that-would-never-happen, to make a small pillow stuffed with fiberfill that JB left behind. And I used some wonderful blue dandelion fabric to make the cases. I'm in love.

So, I made a second cushion for the babe's Rattan chair.

And I still have just enough blue dandelion fabric left over to make another cushion, if I ever decide to buy another chair...


JB said...

E - I love it! Those cushions are perfect, and as you know, I love those little striped feet. Where did you get that material?

You know, Dana needs a cushion for her ottoman, maybe we should talk? :)

D & E said...

I'd LOVE to make Dana's seat cushion! & Thanks.

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