Tuesday, April 6, 2010

still no baby...

I now know that if a doctor tells a pregnant lady "You'll definitely go early," what he's really doing is filling the space between the ultrasound and you writing the check for the co-pay with lies, lies, and more lies.

My sister is due in a week, and although we were warned there'd be an early baby, little Liam is showing no signs of leaving his ever-expanding home. 

I decided to crochet the alphabet to pass the time, and because I coudn't find a pattern for lowercase letters  in any of the usual haunts, I wrote everything down.  That's right- I wrote a pattern! 

I'm definitely nervous about having someone test it.  Any volunteers?


kendra said...

ooo those look so nice! congrats on pattern making!

Grammy said...

I'm making a blanket for my nephew and would love to try out your patterns for letters. Can I find it somewhere? My email address is jmtmtz@gmail.com. Great job!

Countrylaine said...

Hey! I'd love to test this pattern for you. I am currently pregnant and would love to use these as part of a wall decoration I am working on. :) Email me at emaillauralaine@gmail.com
Thanks! Laura

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