Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bye Bye Christmas!

Despite the awesomeness of our turducken, I thought I would serve the BF a warm meal without a face for Christmas.  He wanted ham, but what he got was Morning Star chick'n nuggets.  You win some, you lose some. I made a loaf of bread the night before for the stuffing - there are few things worse than taking a perfectly good loaf of bread and cutting it into tiny bits for even more cooking. 

Christmas Dinner was followed up with a little drinky drink.  A couple years ago, BF's sister and I made some delicious cranberry sauce, and during the cooking phase, skimmed off a little juice and mixed it with vodka.  Voila!  Jello-free Jello shots!  They were so yum that I tried to replicate them this year with BF, and although they looked super cool, I think I waited too long to skim.  Just a wee bit too tart and too solid.  Eh, but who lets alcohol go to waste?

I never got to the "Ira is the Reason for the Season" cross-stitch (I really like This American Life), but I did finish a dolly - this is BF's sister-in-law, Leanna.  She has wavy hair, which I tried to replicate by pulling apart wool yarn into strands (after threading it through the head - I'm not a masochist).  It looked like my hair does in the morning, a little fluffy for a gift.  But I gave it a little rinse with some soak (had a sample from the Loopy Ewe) and it laid down quite nicely.  I even had enough soak left to wash the BF's fingerless mitts, which looked like, well, a boy had been wearing them.  Everything is crocheted except the sweater because knit sweaters are cool, and Rowan Wool Cotton + Bamboo Needles is so slippy awesome, I couldn't resist. 

Hope you had an awesome holiday and that E will post a pic of her baby boy wearing his homemade gift.  Mostly so I can see his cuteness again.  I miss the little dumpling!

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