Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making a stressless life even more relaxing

This year's Christmas preparations are extremely unstressful. I think that people realize we are on the verge of poverty and unable to get into some serious gift exchange. Everything we have sent or made has been...believe it or! We've sent cookies and personalized coats and bought pounds of candy (BF does not understand that sugar is the reason for the season. Whatever). I do miss seeing everyone, but last year on our Nationwide Christmas Tour (don't be confused - it wasn't sponsored by Nationwide, it was just really far) we spent almost 10 straight hours in traffic. No drinks. No bathrooms. Just sitting in a car trying our best not to start the "I think we should see other people" speech.

Flashback - sitting in traffic this time last year trying not to think of running water, waterfalls, dripping facets, etc.

Ah, that memory doesn't even stress me out. Why? Because like many women of a certain age, I am now enjoying International Coffees. Although I've sworn off corn syrup and partially-hyrogenated soybean death (sorry, that's what we call it when we're label-scanning at the grocery store), I make an exception for sweet coffee drinks. I like to think I'm saving money because I'm not going to Starbucks every day. Not that I ever did that, either. I thought I was really smart because instead of all water, I make it with half milk/half water. But I didn't even know they have recipes. I think they are using the word "recipe" very losely.

Now all I need is some Calgon. And an alcohol infused version of that recipe list.

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